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We warranty all work.

With our crane, we have the ability to safely remove any problem tree from the top down. For your property's protection, we remove the tree in sections and lift them safely out of the way for removal or grinding. With our equipment, trees in tight spaces or near power lines are no problem.


Don't let your yard or property frustrate you because of a precarious tree or damaged branches. You won't find a faster, safer, or more affordable option for removing the tallest trees from your yard.

  • Cutting

  • Removal

  • Hauling

  • Residential property

  • Commercial property

You can put our 100' crane to the test on your tallest, most complex tree project. You'll find Camacho’s Tree Service can tackle any tree problem - we'll reach where other tree services can't.

Tree removal services

Don't risk property damage by choosing an inferior tree company. We have the right tools.

Reliable Tree Removal Equipment

You can trust our 100' crane to do the job

We clean up after ourselves.

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